We are a vineyard and family farm that spreads from 1896 on 5 generations, located in the heart of our village, Nogent L'abbesse.

Our municipality is located in the Department of the Marne at 10km to the East of Reims and about 130km from Paris. (plan and routes)
His vineyard is characterized by a grape varieties dominated more by 95% by Chardonnay, white grape, the rest of pinot noir and meunier, Black grape.

Vines of Nogent the Abbess

Most of the vines are exposed South basements consisting of a deep layer of white chalk real reservoir of water and heat for our favorite varietal Chardonnay that we operate in 100% on our farm.

We thus give birth to champagnes of liveliness and spirit, with light aromas and delicate symbols of finesse and elegance.

Seasons in seasons, We remain attentive to our work and the care of our vineyards, so they can give us a result of quality...

A unique grape variety on our vineyard, white color, which brings finesse, freshness, Youth and length in the mouth…