"A story of love of the land"., a harmony between heritage and the air of time…»

Let's go back a few years back until 1896... the vineyard of Nogent the Abbess was composed of approximately 106 HA of vineyard land... Our House was headed by Mr Jean-Pierre Beaudouin with 1 ha.

1907 : Louis Octave Beaudouin «...»recreate… »

Nogent l'Abbesse en 1914

.. .between the Phylloxera and the war of 1914, the vineyard was destroyed and tedious handwork...


1938 : Henri Beaudouin «» .. .the consolidation... »

... with a lot of passion and rigour , the difficulties will be overcome...In the year 50 mechanisation arrived to replace horses... evolution of the House... development and sale of «» white wine of Nogent "under the brand Henri Beaudouin


1972 : in collaboration with Henri, René son, stopped the development of the 'white wine' to foster and develop a champagne under the name «» CHAMPAGNE HENRI BEAUDOUIN»...



1989 : René Beaudouin "... developing...". »

Improvement of the working tool, production for foster and develop sales to go up to export.

As always the work, discipline and love of the Earth are a family history....

Vanessa Beaudouin joined the House in 1999

and become partner-operator in 2004 It was then that the House takes the name "EARL CHAMPAGNE RENÉ BEAUDOUIN"

«Know-how».: «discipline... love... rigour.»