(Version Mai 2018)

When buying on EARL Rene Beaudouin or when using our Website otherwise, we collect and process personal data about you. This document helps you understand what personal information we collect about you, how we collect, for what purposes we use it and the rights you have concerning your personal data.

When we use the terms "EARL Rene Beaudouin", "We" and "our", we refer EARL Rene Beaudouin and affiliates. We also use the term "policy" to refer to this Privacy Policy and "Website" to refer to our applications and the & rsquo; all websites of CHAMPAGNE RENE BEAUDOUIN , as http://www.champagne-rene-beaudouin.com.

http://www.champagne-rene-beaudouin.com is the & rsquo; entity responsible for the processing of your personal data.

1 Personal data : that we collect and for what purpose

1.1 master data

When you create a profile or write your first review on the Website, we automatically generate a personal account for you on EARL Rene Beaudouin ("Account") and collect the following personal information about you ("masters Data") :

  • Your name & rsquo; user (it will be public)
  • Your encrypted password securely, your billing address and delivery and
  • Your email address.

This information is obligatory, which means that & rsquo; it n & rsquo; is not possible to order on the Website without them.

You can choose to & rsquo; add additional personal information to your profile. The additional data you can add your name are, a description of the profile, a photo, your gender, city, country and language. This additional information will become part of your public profile and master data.

EARL Rene Champagne Beaudouin is a site selling, we post your opinion after purchases, we will connect to your profile so that people can see who wrote the & rsquo; notice. So, be aware that & rsquo; based on the information you add to your profile and the name of & rsquo; user you choose, you may or may not be anonymous.

1.2 Information contained in the opinions and assessments

When writing a review about a product and that you publish on our Website, We also collect information that you include in your opinion. This includes :

  • The product under review
  • The type of shopping experience or service concerned by review (See the definition of "Service Experience" in our Terms of use),
  • The title and content review
  • Your assessment of your service experience with the company (1 at 5 stars)
  • Date of Review and, if you update, the date it was modified
  • A reference number or command identifier (if you or the company provide a)
  • If we ask you to provide documents demonstrating your service experience and if you send us the documents, we will collect and process them for the reasons mentioned in the application.

Please do not share documents or & rsquo; sensitive personal information with us, that & rsquo; they are you or d & rsquo; others.

1.3 Information notice, the likes and & rsquo; useful review for other

When you write an opinion about a company on our Website, people can indicate that & rsquo; they judge your review, eg the "likant". We collect this information. We also collect information on the number of people reading your review. We do not follow the & rsquo; identity unconnected people who read reviews, but we collect data on the number of consumers who read review. If you "Likez" l & rsquo; & rsquo notice; another person, We also collect this information.

1.4 Notifications

If you notify us d & rsquo; an opinion that you think that & rsquo; it violates our Terms of Use, we will collect the information you provide in the notification that you send us. This includes the & rsquo; notice you informed us, the reason and date of your notification, etc.

1.5 Information from other services, including social networks like Facebook

You can connect your profile EARL Rene Beaudouin in & rsquo; with your profile on social networks, like Facebook and Google+ ("Social Networking"). We automatically collect certain information about you from social networks when using this option. The information we collect depends on the information you have provided on these social networks and your privacy settings to share said information on the Social Networks. Depending on your settings and your selection, we will collect the following information :

  • Name and / or username,
  • Adresse email,
  • Profile picture,
  • L & rsquo; those persons to whom you are connected

When you make a connection request from your profile EARL Rene Beaudouin and a social network profile, you are aware of what information we collect on the social network in question. You will receive this information before your application is processed.

You can choose to sign out of your profile on social networks from your profile EARL Rene Beaudouin via your Account. At this stage, EARL Rene Beaudouin withdraw your unique identifier on social networks and disconnect / remove EARL Rene Beaudouin your social network. Your profile picture on social networks will remain on your profile EARL Rene Beaudouin.

1.6 Cookies

Our website uses cookies. Cookies identify your computer but does not identify you as an individual user. They are used for different purposes.

You can learn more about the cookies used by the Website, as well as the purposes of such uses below (section 8).

1.7 Your IP address, the settings in your browser and your location

When you visit the Website, we record the IP address of your computer and your browser settings. The IP address is the computer's numeric address used to consult the Website. Browser settings can include the type of browser you use, browser language and time zone. We collect this information in order to monitor the computer used in cases of abuse or unlawful action related visits or uses the Website. We also use the & rsquo; IP address to determine your approximate geographic location (your city) and to find out which of our Terms s & rsquo; apply to your use of our Website.

1.8 d & rsquo newsletters, information and synthetic emails

We collect information you provide when you register to receive our d & rsquo newsletters; information, or similar daily emails (we collect your name, email address and preferences for newsletters & rsquo; information). If you wish to receive our newsletters, you can unsubscribe by logging into your account and changing your personal settings.

1.9 For what purposes do we use your personal information ?

We will use the information you provide us :

  • To provide our services, including post your opinion, and give you access to your profile and to our Website
  • To login as a registered user when connecting to the Website and that you return
  • To check the authenticity of your opinion
  • To improve the Website and our services
  • To invite you to write reviews
  • To answer your questions and provide you with the associated customer service
  • To send a company's message on which you have written a review on the Website
  • To contact you if your opinion is reported by other users or companies and, if necessary, to ask you to provide the necessary documentation to verify your opinion or experience
  • To send you our newsletters
  • To alert you when other users find your review or otherwise to provide comments related review
  • To enable social sharing feature, including giving you the ability to connect to your network members who are users EARL Rene Beaudouin and one or more social networks
  • To see which members of your social networks are users of EARL Rene Beaudouin to increase confidence in the opinions and create a better experience for users on our Website.
  • For various internal business reasons, including data analysis, audit, Control and Fraud Prevention, the development of new products and services, improvement or modification of the website or our services, identification of d & rsquo trends; use, determining the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns and the operation and development of our business
  • To comply with legal provisions and court proceedings, the demands of public authorities, the relevant industry standards and our internal policies
  • To enforce our Terms and conditions
  • To protect our operations or those of our affiliates
  • To protect our rights, our privacy, our security or our property and / or our affiliates, as well as yours or those of third parties
  • To enable us to exercise available remedies or limit the damages that we suffer

We will also use other ways information, in which case we will provide accurate information when collecting.

1.10 On what legal basis we treat your personal data ?

We need to treat your personal information to :

  • Implement our contract with you (see & rsquo; Article 6.1.b of RGPD)
  • We comply with our legal obligations (see & rsquo; Article 6.1.c of RGPD) and manage a platform d & rsquo; online opinion in a manner consistent, for example, the Directive on unfair commercial practices, the directions of the & rsquo; ICPEN on the opinions and approvals online, of the Regulations 2008 on the protection of consumers against unfair commercial practices, the guidelines of the & rsquo; Competition Authority and the markets in reviews and approvals online, the guidelines of the Danish Ombudsman for consumers on the publication of User Review, the Danish Act on trade practices, etc.
  • Continue our own legitimate business interests related to the & rsquo; use of the Website and the provision of our services or the pursuit of legitimate interests of third parties as your interests and fundamental rights do not override these interests (see & rsquo; Article 6.1.f of RGPD).
  • For the & rsquo; establishment, l & rsquo; exercise or defense of legal rights, if necessary (see & rsquo; Article 9.2.f of RGPD)

Some of these reasons related to the processing of personal data overlap, so there may be several reasons that we treat your personal information.

In cases, limited, where you have specifically given your consent for us to process your personal data (see & rsquo; Article 6.1.a of RGPD), for example, when you subscribe to our newsletters & rsquo; information, you are free to withdraw your consent at any time. However, be aware that we might be entitled to continue to process your information if it can be justified according to the & rsquo; one or the & rsquo; other legal bases mentioned above.

You have the right to object to the way we handle your personal information or ask us & rsquo; limit treatment. To know more, please see 13 below.

If you want more d & rsquo; information on the legal basis on which we rely to treat your personal information, please contact our Delegate for Data Protection – see 14 below.

2 Disclosure of personal information

2.1 Disclosure of personal information on the Website

We are an online sales platform and we share no d & rsquo; other information except your opinion on our website so that d & rsquo; s & others can rsquo; learn about your experience with a particular company. When you write a review, we will disclose your name and d & rsquo; d & rsquo user; other information you choose to link to your public profile. Remember that if you chose d & rsquo; use your name as the name of & rsquo; user, this is likely to reveal your identity in whole or in part, unless you don & rsquo; use a pseudonym.

We recommend vigilance to decide what information to make available to a disclosure on the Website. Know that the level of information provided, you can be anonymous or not.

Master data and other information

When posting a notice on our website and create an account, your name & rsquo; user, your opinion, your picture, your location and the number of & rsquo; notice that you have written will be visible on the Website. The companies involved in review may also receive information about your opinion.


When posting a notice on the Website, we use your computer's IP address (see 1.7 of this Policy) for approximately deduct your location at the nearest town. This information is made available to other users of the Website.

Notice that you have found helpful

When you find d & rsquo; other useful advice (in the "likant"), d & rsquo; other users of the Website may reviews you "likes".

social Networking

If you are connecting to a social network, information such as your profile picture, your name, date of birth and your approximate geographic location will be collected from your social network profile and used to identify you on the Website. Subject to privacy settings and available information level on the social network, Website users can use this information to identify the opinions that you have written.

If you choose to remain anonymous by using a nickname for your user name EARL Rene Beaudouin, you should know that the information from your social networks can reveal your identity, fully or partially, and to identify the opinions that you have written.

If your contacts or friends (together referred to as the "Connections") on the social network are also connected with EARL Rene Beaudouin, we can see on the website how you are related to these connections through the social network. Only you are able to see this information. Other people on EARL Rene Beaudouin can not see your connections on social networks.

2.2 Disclosure of services to which you connect your profile

If you choose to connect your profile EARL Rene Beaudouin to a profile on a social network, information and advice that you produce on the website or data compiled by us regarding your use of the service on the Website (for example the number of reviews you've written) will be shared, and displayed in connection with, your profile on the social network, and will be subject to the privacy policy of the Social Network.

2.3 Disclosure to other services, websites and companies

One of the main objectives of EARL Rene Beaudouin is to increase the visibility and availability opinions on the Website. We allow other services to show reviews created on the Website. This increases the potential audience for your opinion.

  • The categories of services and third-party companies that can post your opinions and your profile & rsquo; public user are :
  • Search engines, including Google and Bing
  • The companies valued on EARL Rene Beaudouin
  • consumers and commercial sites sites, including price comparison sites, Buying Guides, etc.
  • The partners and platforms of applications, including PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Other similar websites where, selon EARL Rene Beaudouin, it would be useful for users seeking opinions.
  • Facebook "If your opinion has been shared on the social network"

Once you have submitted your review, it is published on the Website. This means that the following information is disclosed :

  • Your opinions, (see item 1.2 above)
  • Your name & rsquo; user and the additional data you choose d & rsquo; add to your profile such as your name, a description of the profile, your picture, sex, city, country and language.

If you write a review EARL Rene Beaudouin in response to an invitation sent by a company through our invitation service to write a review, the company that sent you the invitation to be able to link your opinion on the invitation.

If we need to verify your review, we will contact you and ask for documents that prove that you have lived a service experience with the company you have evaluated. We recommend that you keep these documents for 12 months from the date of review.

We do not share the documents you send us with third, including the company that was evaluated. However, if you have a reference number or order ID, we can communicate to society, unless you ask us not to do it.

2.4 other disclosures

Regardless of the above, we disclose your personal information to the following parties and in the following circumstances :

  • To allow third-party vendors, consultants and other service providers to perform services on our behalf
  • Affiliates EARL Rene Beaudouin and other companies within the group of companies EARL Rene Beaudouin
  • To comply with laws or respond to claims, court proceedings (including, not limited to, injunctions and court orders) and demands of public authorities
  • To cooperate with the regulatory bodies and public authorities, including, not limited to, trading standards, the authority of markets and competition, and the Danish spokesperson consumers, in connection with an investigation or referral of complaint
  • To third parties in connection with the application of our Terms and conditions and Guidelines ;
  • To third parties in order to protect our operations or those of our affiliates
  • On third parties to exercise available remedies or limit damage that we may suffer
  • On third parties to investigate, prevent or take action in respect of présummées or actual prohibited activities, including, not limited to, fraud and misuse of our Website ;
  • At a third in reorganization, fusion, acquisition, sale, JV, cession, transfer, or other disposition of all or part of our business or our assets (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings).

3 Responsible for the processing of data

3.1 The information for which we are the controller

We are responsible for processing master data you enter in connection with your creation and management of your profile, which includes, not limited to, your name, your password and your email address, as well as recording your IP address.

We are also responsible for data processing in respect of information disclosed on other services (see item 2.3). Danish legislation on data protection governs our collection of your data.

3.2 Information for which you are the controller

You are responsible for processing the data with regard to the content you choose to disclose on the Website, and for the data disclosed when connecting your profiles from social networking to your profile on the Website.

4 Links to websites

Our Website contains links to other websites. When we include such links, this does not mean that we endorse these websites. We do not control the content of these websites and we assume no liability for their policies or practices.

We encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third-party websites for their collection and processing procedures of your personal data will be different from ours.

5 Subcontractors and transfer & rsquo; personal information outside the EU

We use external companies to manage the & rsquo; technical operation of the Website and our services. These companies are subcontractors in respect of personal information which we are responsible for processing. By accepting this Policy, You agree that we may also allow processing of the data you are responsible for processing by these subcontractors.

We have data processing agreements with subcontractors and as, they must act in accordance with our instructions. By accepting this Policy, you authorize us to give these instructions to subcontractors to process data in accordance with the Policy and the purpose of use of the Website.

Subcontractors have taken reasonable technical and organizational measures to prevent any destruction, loss or accidental or unlawful damage data, and to prevent their disclosure to unauthorized persons, diversion or treatment in violation of the legislation on data protection.

To your request, and potentially in consideration of a possible compensation at the applicable hourly rate subcontractors at any time to this work, Subcontractors must provide sufficient information to demonstrate that the technical and organizational measures above safety were taken.

Some of these subcontractors third party service providers and data are located outside of the European Union, including the US. You agree that we use subcontractors in third countries without security guarantee, provided there is a legal framework for the transfer of your personal data, for example if the subcontractor s & rsquo; part of Privacy Shield EU-US.

6 Data retention

We keep the master data and d & rsquo; other personal data you provide, including your opinion, As you have an account and as needed to provide our services. If you choose to delete your account, please note that all of your opinion will also be deleted. We will delete this information on your request and we will record only a log with the following information : your name, your email address and date of termination of your account. We will keep the diary for 3 years. All other information will be deleted.

If you only use our website to search for companies for which notices were published, we will keep your information and do not will close your account until you don & rsquo; have not decided to close the. In some cases, even if you close your account, we choose to keep certain information (eg. visits to our Website) in an anonymized and aggregated form.

7 Security measures

We implement reasonable measures of an organizational nature, technical and management to protect your personal information within our company, and we regularly monitor our system to detect any faults. However, because the Internet is not a secure environment 100 %, we are not able to guarantee the security of information you transmit to us. Emails sent through the Web site are not encrypted, so we recommend that you not include confidential information in e-mails you send us.

To learn more about our current practices and policies concerning safety and for d & rsquo; other information, see write to contact@champagne-rene-beaudouin.com. We work constantly to improve our security practices and we will update this information as these practices are changing.

8 Cookies

The Website uses cookies and similar technologies (cookies "). By using our Website, you agree to our use of cookies as described below.

8.1 What types of cookies we use ?

Cookies are small information files that the Website on the hard drive of your computer, on your tablet or your smartphone. Note that HTML5 Web Storage introduced the feature whose nature is similar to that of Cookies. We consider this feature as a cookie in the following.

Cookies contain information that the website uses to make the communication between you and your better browser. Cookies identify your computer or device rather than yourself as an individual user.

We use session cookies, Dec. permanent cookies, and HTML5 sessionStorage session cookies and HTML5 localStorage, and HTML5 sessionStorage objects that are temporary in nature and are deleted when you quit your browser. Persistent cookies are small pieces of information sustainable files that are stored and remain on your computer until deleted. Persistent cookies expire or are deleted after a certain time, but they are renewed each time you visit the Website. HTML5 localStorage objects are permanent and remain on your computer until & rsquo; their removal.

8.2 Why do we use cookies ?

We use cookies :

To generate statistics

To measure the traffic on the Website, including the number of visits to the Website, the area from which visitors, pages that & rsquo; they consult on the Website and the approximate geographic area where they are.

Monitoring Website performance and your use of our Website

To monitor the performance of the Website, nos applications et google analytics, and how you use our website, nos applications et nos Analytics.

To provide authentication and improve the functionality of our website

To optimize your experience on the Website, which implies storing your username and password when you return to the Website, and information about your browser and preferences (eg., the language of your choice).

To connect to social networks

We give you the possibility to connect to social networks, eg Facebook.

Quality Control

To ensure the quality of advice and to prevent any misuse or irregularities in connection with the drafting of opinions and use of the Website.

targeted advertising

To display targeted advertisements on the Website, including ads based on your interests, we feel may interest you. We use third parties to provide these ads when you visit the Website and other websites. These third parties may use cookies alone or in conjunction with web beacons or other tracking technologies to collect information about you when you use our Site and other websites.

8.3 Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies are installed by third-party sites and not by our Website. When you visit our Website, the following third-party cookies can be installed :

  • Des cookies Facebook, installed when you connect to our Website via Facebook
  • Des cookies Google, installed when you connect to our website via Google
  • Cookies Google AdSense, installed when relevant and targeted ads are posted on our website. Some cookies can be installed as DoubleClick, which is part of Google
  • Des cookies Analytics, installed at track and d & rsquo; analyze the performance of our applications and measure user sessions elements.
  • Adwords Conversion, installed to manage how conversions s & rsquo; perform and times when they s & rsquo; perform.

8.4 Suppression des cookies

You can delete cookies already on your device. Usually, you can delete cookies from the Privacy section or History, from the Settings menu or browser options. In most browsers, the same menu is available at the & rsquo; using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete or Command + Shift + Del if you are on Mac.

If you do not accept cookies from our website, you may encounter some difficulties in your use of the Website and be unable to access any or all of these features.

9 Access and information relating to personal data we hold about you

If you have an account on EARL Rene Beaudouin, you can login to your account and see what information we hold about you, including your opinion, and why we hold this information. For details on how to proceed, click here (LINK).

If you don & rsquo; not have an account, you can send an email by form provided for this purpose and request information on your personal data. Upon receipt of your application, we will inform you what personal information we hold about you, how we collect information, on the purpose for which we handle your personal data, and those with whom we share your information.

10 Download your personal data (data portability)

If you have a user profile on EARL Rene Beaudouin, you can download and edit the personal information you provided us, including your opinion. You can learn more about how to download your personal data, thank you to contact us by form provided for this purpose.

11 Correction and suppression of your personal data

If teachers or & rsquo Data; other personal information we hold about you as the controller are incorrect or misleading, you can correct most of this information yourself in your Account. We recommend you make yourself to possible corrections. Other, we are at your disposal to help you correct your information.

You can always modify or delete the website content and personal information that you are the controller (see item 3.2). If your personal information changes or if you no longer want to appear on the Website, You can update or delete information by logging into your Account.

When account is deleted, all data associated with your account is deleted, including your master data and the opinions on the Website.

We reserve the right to block access to your account and / or terminate your account if he or content associated therewith or your views on the Website are, according to US, discriminatory, racist, Sexual, Unethical, threatening, offensive, harassing or otherwise contrary to the laws in force, rights of third parties, the conditions of use, or are contrary to the object of the Website. If we block access to your account or we remove, we will inform you of the reason for blocking or deletion of your Account by sending an email to the address you provided when creating your account.

12 other rights

In addition to the rights listed above regarding your personal data, you also have the following rights :

You also have the right to object to the processing of personal data and ensure the limitation of their treatment.

In particular, you have an unconditional right to oppose the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes.

If we handle your personal information on the basis of consent, you have the right to withdraw at any time. This withdrawal n & rsquo; not affect the legality of the processing of data occurred before withdrawing consent. You may withdraw your consent by sending an email by form provided for this purpose.

In some cases, these rights can be limited or conditioned. for example, that or not you have the right to data portability in a particular case depends on the specific circumstances of the & rsquo; treatment business.

13 Information on children

Our Website n & rsquo; is not intended for children. If you learn that & rsquo; children younger than 13 has provided us personal information, contact us.

14 Our delegate to data protection

We have a delegate to data protection. If you have questions about the data processing activities we carry, please contact our delegate to data protection via email by form provided for this purpose.

15 Changes to this Policy

We reserve the right to & rsquo; to make changes to this Policy. The date at the beginning of this Policy indicates the date of last update. If we make any substantial changes to this Policy, we will notify you on our Website or by d & rsquo; other means, to give you the opportunity to read the changes before they come into force. If you object to our changes, you can close your Account. Continuing d & rsquo; use our Website after we have published or sent a notification regarding the amendments to Policy, you agree and consent to the amended Policy.

16 Contact and where direct any questions or complaints

If you have questions or concerns about our policy, how we handle your personal information, or if you would like us rectifiions your personal information, please contact us by form provided for this purpose.

You can also send us a letter.

If after contacting us, your complaint n & rsquo; is still unresolved, you d & rsquo; other options. for example, you can always complain to d & rsquo; a supervisory authority responsible for data protection, eg. l & rsquo; French Agency for Data Protection. To know more, click right here (https://www.cnil.fr/) .

our address :

EARL Rene Beaudouin – 112 Rue de Langeais 51420 NOGENT L & rsquo; ABBESSE FRANCE